2022 MLS Preseason Schedule and Results: A Comprehensive Guide


As a longtime sports journalist with extensive experience covering various sports fields in the US, I understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with the Major League Soccer (MLS) preseason. With the 2022 MLS preseason just around the corner, it’s time to dive into the schedule and results that will set the stage for the upcoming season. In this article, we will explore the key dates, fixtures, and notable changes in the 2022 MLS preseason, while analyzing the significance of tracking preseason results for both fans and teams.

Key Dates and Fixtures in the 2022 MLS Preseason

The 2022 MLS preseason promises to be an action-packed period, with teams preparing to showcase their skills and strategies before the regular season kicks off. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key dates and fixtures that fans should mark on their calendars:

  1. Preseason Start Date – The preseason is set to kick off on [date]. Teams will gather for training camps, where they will focus on building team chemistry, evaluating new signings, and fine-tuning their tactics.

  2. Preseason Tournaments – Several preseason tournaments will be held, providing an excellent opportunity for teams to test their mettle against strong opponents. The [tournament name] will bring together top MLS teams, offering an exciting preview of the season to come.

  3. High-Profile Friendlies – In addition to preseason tournaments, MLS teams often arrange high-profile friendlies against other domestic and international clubs. These matches not only help teams gauge their strengths and weaknesses but also provide thrilling encounters for fans.

  4. Regular Season Kickoff – The preseason will culminate with the eagerly anticipated regular season kickoff, which is scheduled for [date]. After weeks of preparation, teams will be eager to make their mark and set the tone for the rest of the season.

Tracking and Analyzing the Results of the 2022 MLS Preseason

While some may view preseason matches as mere warm-up games, they hold significant importance for both teams and fans. Tracking and analyzing preseason results can provide valuable insights into a team’s form, tactics, and individual player performances. Here’s why keeping an eye on the 2022 MLS preseason results is crucial:

  1. Evaluating New Signings – Preseason matches offer an opportunity for teams to integrate new signings into their squads. The performances of these players during the preseason can give fans and analysts a glimpse of their potential impact on the team.

  2. Testing Tactical Approaches – Coaches often experiment with different formations, strategies, and player combinations during the preseason. Analyzing the results helps identify which tactics are effective and which need further refinement.

  3. Assessing Player Fitness and Form – Preseason matches allow teams to assess the fitness levels and form of their players. It provides an early indication of who is in prime condition and ready to make an impact once the regular season begins.

  4. Predicting Regular Season Performance – While preseason results may not always reflect a team’s true potential, they can offer valuable insights into their overall strength. Strong performances and positive results can instill confidence in both players and fans, setting the stage for a successful regular season.

Notable Changes and Developments in the 2022 MLS Preseason

Every season brings its own set of changes and developments, and the 2022 MLS preseason is no exception. Let’s explore some notable changes that fans should be aware of:

  1. New Preseason Format – In response to feedback from teams and fans, the MLS has introduced a revamped preseason format for 2022. The new structure aims to strike a balance between competitive matches and adequate rest for players, ensuring optimal preparation for the regular season.

  2. Rule Modifications – The MLS has implemented certain rule modifications for the preseason, which may have an impact on gameplay. These changes are designed to enhance player safety, increase the flow of the game, and provide a fair playing field for all teams.

  3. Player Transfers and Acquisitions – The offseason is often marked by player transfers and acquisitions, with teams strengthening their squads ahead of the new season. Tracking these moves and analyzing how these new signings integrate into their respective teams can be crucial in understanding the preseason dynamics.

  4. Influence of International Competitions – The 2022 MLS preseason coincides with various international competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup qualifiers or regional tournaments. The participation of key players in these competitions may affect their availability and impact preseason lineups and results.


As the 2022 MLS preseason approaches, fans and teams are eagerly anticipating the schedule and results that will set the stage for an exciting regular season. Following the key dates, fixtures, and notable changes in the preseason allows fans to stay informed and gain valuable insights into their favorite teams’ form and potential performance. So, mark your calendars, prepare to witness thrilling matches, and get ready to cheer for your favorite MLS teams as they embark on their preseason journey.

Remember, the MLS preseason is not only a time for teams to fine-tune their skills but also an opportunity for fans to connect, engage, and immerse themselves in the beautiful game of soccer. Let the countdown begin!

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