Major League Soccer and Adidas Unveil 2022 Primeblue Kits to Inspire Action

The Future of Sustainable Soccer Fashion

MLS and Adidas Primeblue Kits


In the world of sports, fashion plays a significant role in creating a sense of identity and unity among teams and fans. Major League Soccer (MLS) and Adidas have teamed up once again to unveil their latest innovation – the 2022 Primeblue kits. These kits not only aim to elevate the style quotient on the field but also inspire action towards a sustainable future. As a longtime sports journalist with a passion for the beautiful game, I am thrilled to delve into the details of these groundbreaking kits and explore their potential impact on the soccer community.

Overview of the 2022 Primeblue Kits

The 2022 Primeblue kits represent a new era in sustainable soccer fashion. Designed with a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, these kits incorporate innovative features while utilizing sustainable materials. The jerseys are crafted from Primeblue – a high-performance yarn made from recycled ocean plastic. This eco-conscious approach not only minimizes waste but also raises awareness about the urgent need to preserve our oceans.

The design of the kits is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The iconic team colors are retained, paying homage to the rich history and passionate fan base of each MLS club. The jerseys feature bold patterns and clean lines, making a powerful visual statement on the field. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident, reflecting the dedication of both MLS and Adidas to deliver a product that not only looks good but also performs at the highest level.

Inspiring Action through the Primeblue Kits

Soccer has the power to unite people and ignite change. Recognizing this, MLS and Adidas have harnessed the influence of the sport to encourage fans, players, and communities to take action towards sustainability. The 2022 Primeblue kits act as catalysts for change, inspiring everyone to make a positive impact on the environment.

By wearing the Primeblue kits, players become ambassadors for sustainability on and off the field. Their actions and commitment to eco-friendly practices send a powerful message to fans worldwide. The kits also serve as a reminder that small changes in everyday life can collectively make a significant difference. Whether it’s recycling, reducing plastic waste, or supporting environmental initiatives, the Primeblue kits inspire individuals to be conscious of their choices.

MLS and Adidas have gone beyond the jerseys themselves to promote sustainability. They have launched various initiatives and campaigns that encourage fans to actively participate in creating a greener future. Partnering with environmental organizations, MLS teams organize beach cleanups, tree-planting drives, and awareness campaigns to engage fans and communities in meaningful environmental actions. These efforts demonstrate the commitment of MLS and Adidas to go beyond the game and leave a lasting legacy.

Impact on the Soccer Community

The unveiling of the 2022 Primeblue kits has sparked excitement and anticipation within the soccer community. Players, coaches, and fans alike have embraced the initiative, recognizing the importance of sustainability in shaping the future of the sport. The kits have become a symbol of pride for teams and individuals, representing their dedication to both performance on the field and environmental stewardship off the field.

The influence of the Primeblue kits extends beyond the MLS teams. The broader sports industry has taken notice of the innovative approach taken by MLS and Adidas, setting a new standard for sustainable sportswear. This collaboration has inspired other leagues, clubs, and brands to explore eco-friendly alternatives and adopt sustainable practices. By leading the way, MLS and Adidas are driving positive change not only within the soccer community but also in the wider world of sports.


The 2022 Primeblue kits unveiled by Major League Soccer and Adidas are more than just soccer jerseys; they represent a bold step towards a sustainable future. These kits combine style, performance, and a deep commitment to the environment, inspiring action and raising awareness about the importance of sustainability. As the soccer community embraces the Primeblue kits, the impact goes far beyond the field, encouraging fans to take tangible steps towards a greener world.

MLS and Adidas have demonstrated their dedication to not only entertaining spectators but also leaving a positive legacy. The 2022 Primeblue kits have set a new standard for sustainable sportswear, influencing the industry to prioritize eco-conscious practices. As fans eagerly await the start of the season, they can wear their jerseys with pride, knowing that their support for their team also contributes to a greater cause.

It is through such collaborations and initiatives that we can truly make a difference. Major League Soccer and Adidas have shown that sustainable fashion is not just a trend but an essential aspect of the future. With the 2022 Primeblue kits, they have given us a glimpse of what lies ahead – a future where sports and sustainability go hand in hand, inspiring action and creating a better world for generations to come.

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